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Arborlab Tree Care Products import and stock all of the Silky Saws range from Japan. A wide range of Okatsune secateurs, snips, hedge shears and bonsai tools, also from Japan.
Castellari loppers and secateurs from Italy are favourites with many orchardists and vineyards.
Arborists and forestry workers find the range of chainsaw protection equipment from Prabos Boots to Clogger Zero pants, suitable for Australian conditions. And Tuatahi racing and throwing axes are much more than just conversation pieces.

It these items or any other items in the ATC products are suitable for you then fill in the contact form and we will be in contact within 24 hours.


Arborlab Tree Care Pty Ltd

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F: (03) 8888 9969 
silkysaws@hotmail.com   www.arborlab.com.au 
Unit 1 Number 2-4 Steel Street, Capalaba  Qld  4157

OKATSUNE Secateurs & Snips 
PRABOS Chainsaw Protection Boots 
CLOGGER Chainsaw Pants 
Castellari Loppers and Secateurs